Ergonomic Tips for Driving

Sitting posture is an important component to avoid or manage neck and back problems. Prolonged sitting, especially in a car, is a common cause of spinal pain. Proper adjustment of your car seat can make a big difference in your comfort while commuting to work and your other activities. To Adjust the Car Seat: Sit … Continue reading “Ergonomic Tips for Driving”

A New Take on an Old Technique

Keeping up on all the latest techniques, last month two of IPT’s physical therapists, Jennifer Muir and Dr. Jared Brown attended a technique course on Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. What is it? – IASTM has come to mean any type of tool assisted massage. It is a manual therapy technique using specially designed instruments … Continue reading “A New Take on an Old Technique”

Calculate Your Heart Rate

Continuing with National Heart Health Month, below you will find Dr. Lindy First’s video on how to calculate your heart rate and some exercise stats to keep your heart in good health. Since partnering up with  our friend, Kim Shapira M.S., R.D last month with her healthy eating challenge we want to encourage you to take … Continue reading “Calculate Your Heart Rate”

Listen To Your Heart

February is National Heart Health Month. In this month’s newsletter we are going to share some stats on heart health, how to monitor your own heart rate, and explain how you and your Physical Therapist can improve your heart health. Heart Health Stats– courtesy of The Heart Foundation ( Heart disease (which includes Heart Disease, … Continue reading “Listen To Your Heart”