Video: Craniofacial Exercises for Head, Neck and Jaw Pain

Follow along with Dr. Lindy First, DPT and Dr. Monique Lassaga-Bishop, DPT as they demonstrate easy exercises to relieve craniofacial pain.

At Home Exercises:

  1. Seated Butterfly- sit upright with feet on ground, tighten stomach, overlap hands and place behind your neck. tuck your chin, make a long neck and retract your head backwards. Squeeze shoulder blades and pull your elbows back as far as possible. hold for 10-15 seconds, repeat 2x every hour building up to 1 minute over 6 weeks.
  2. Self Masseter Release- locate the bone by your ear, your TMJ and move fingers down 1/2 inch to your masseter muscle, find the belly of that muscle and make small circles on your face for 2 minutes. 2x throughout the day
  3. Self Temporalis Release- locate again your TMJ bone and go up about 1/2 to your temporal muscle. Make small circles on this area for 2 minutes. 2x throughout the day

REDUCE= Muscle Tension & Pain

PROMOTE= Overall Skeletal Health

RESULT = A Healthier You!