Watch & Learn: Ways to Improve Your Balance at Home!

Dr. Justin LaLonde, DPT and Dr. Monique Lassaga-Bishop, DPT demonstrate ways to improve your balance at home!

Your balance is managed by 3 systems:

  1. Sensory system – where you feel
  2. Visual system – using your eye sight
  3. Vestibular system – inner part of ear that manages your equilibrium

3 Exercises to try at home for balance improvement:

  • Tandem balance – put on foot in front of the other and hold for 30 seconds, then switch and put the other foot in front
  • Single leg balance – lift one foot up off the ground, hold for 30 seconds then switch
  • Move and tap – using a stair or item with height ( a book, box, etc) slowly move one foot forward to tap the stair and bring it back, then switch to the other foot.
video exercises by Dr. Justin LaLonde PT, DPT and Dr. Monique Lassaga-Bishop PT, DPT.