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Orthopedic Sports Injuries
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
Vestibular Balance and Fall
Neruologic Rehabiliation
Spinal Injuries Surgeries
Chronic Pain
Sprots Injureis


Innovative Physical Therapy is a state of the art practice committed to providing an individualized patient approach using manual therapy techniques and movement analysis. Our experienced team of therapists perform a comprehensive full body evaluation of the neurologic and musculoskeletal systems. We look for the source of your problem and work together to develop a tailored treatment plan to bring immediate symptom relief and long term health.

“Physical Therapy is the Science of Healing, The Art of Caring”



Telehealth therapy is the use of electronic communication, such as live video and audio, to deliver physical therapy services to patients. Our physical therapists can remotely evaluate, assess, and create a plan of care that is best for you through online sessions.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Innovative’s virtual fitness classes are the perfect way to stay in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic. All classes are under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. No matter what your goals, with Balance Training, Yoga and Pilates classes you can get fit without risking injury.

Neck Pain San Diego

TMJ Specialists

At Innovative Physical Therapy we are committed to listening and problem solving. Our therapists are able to determine the underlying problems by treating the body as a whole so symptoms do not return. We want to get you independent, feeling great and back to your life whether it’s returning to a sport, your day to day activities or achieving a new life goal.


Innovative’s sports programs provide a practical approach to injury prevention and performance enhancement returning the athlete, whether he/or she is a high school, college, or professional athlete, to their highest function in the shortest time possible. We know how important it is for the athlete to return to their sport better and safer than before!

“They made me feel like an individual, never rushing the session and always listening to my feedback.”

—Marilyn S.

What our Patients Say

The one on one attention I have here I never have had before and the therapy itself is completely above grade.

—Nancy G.

Visits to therapy over two months, together with home exercises, have strengthened my back and corrected bad posture.

—Edward K.

Two months of therapy has improved my balance considerably and strengthened my leg so much that I can walk confidently without a cane.

—Annita K.

I would not hesitate to recommend IPT. My recommendation would include comments that include the comprehensive physical evaluation, the convenient location, the skill and patience of the therapists, and responsive and friendly support staff.

—Barbara P.

I had some impingement problems with my shoulders requiring PT. Within 2 visits, my back and shoulder pain and function improved. Not only would I consider referring a friend to Innovative, I have referred many physicians and nurses as well.

—Dr. Appel

I have been so amazed and thrilled with what Innovative has done for my leg. It has been as if I went to bed and while I was sleeping someone magically waved a wand and I woke up with a brand new leg. It feels stronger and more stable than it has in many years. And best of all, I no longer need to wear a knee strap to run or play soccer.

—Loree L.

My function has improved dramatically in 2 months even though I had 2 years of PT in other places.

—Ambrosio G.

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Innovative Physical Therapy has been in San Diego since 1994. We are manual therapists believing in a hands on, one on one, approach to physical therapy. Contact us using this form or give us a call.

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