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Classes will be taught by a CERTIFIED EXERCISE PROFESSIONAL along with advisement from your physical therapist.

Functional Fitness Circuit

Ready to get a great workout that also helps you prevent injury, understand your body, and provide longevity for movement? Drop into our circuit class that focuses on healthy movement patterns taught by our Physical Therapist. This class will give you an efficient full body workout that not only builds strength, but also keeps your heart rate pumping with strength and conditioning stations. Your instructor provides a high energy, multi-station class appropriate for all levels of fitness where no one is safe from sweat!

Stretch & Roll

Foam Rolling is an effective way to reduce muscle tension and increase flexibility. In this class, you will learn to safely foam roll and stretch major muscles to decrease pain and reduce the risk of injury.


Balance training is the key to all functional movement and a part of everything we do. The Equilibrium class features dynamic balance and coordination exercises to heighten your strength and stability. With training to develop better body balance you can improve postural alignment and control to help prevent injury.


This class is designed to increase strength and flexibility through a fusing Pilates techniques in to a gentle Yoga flow. Bring mindfulness to your Pilates practice to maximize the best of both worlds and leave feeling strong and centered.


Challenge your body in a whole new way by exploring small, precise movements and light suspension. Barre techniques utilize light weights and high repetitions to build endurance while TRX challenges stabilization to create a low impact, total body workout.

Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga and will be practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support. Our chair yoga classes adapt the traditional branches of yoga poses, meditation, and breath while using a chair for support making it safe, easy and enjoyable for people who may face physical limitations. Chair yoga is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga such as flexibility, balance, and strength while cultivating a mindful experience and learning some stress reduction techniques that can be brought into your day to day life. You will leave the Chair Yoga class feeling revitalized and grounded.

Mat Pilates

This class will work to balance your body by lengthening your muscles while strengthening. We will combine classical and modern techniques, and integrate small accessories to strengthen your core and increase flexibility. Leave feeling long, lean and more agile in your every day movements.


Drop in Class $22
10 Classes $180 = $18/class
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Monthly Membership

$169/mo (3 classes per week) = $14.60/class

Water bottle

Unlimited Monthly Membership

$199/month = $9.95/class
Unlimited classes
Heat/Ice before or after class
Water bottle & Journal
10% off a single massage/month

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