ABCDE… Of Sun Cancer Prevention

With summer coming to an end, we thought it would be beneficial to go over some basic information regrading skin cancer prevention and early detection. With an increase in outdoor activity comes an increased risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer in the United States and in fact more episodes of skin cancer are diagnosed than all other cancers combined!!! The number of skin cancer cases continue to go up in the United States. 

Skin Cancer is most often caused by excessive exposure to Ultraviolet rays. Most exposure comes from the sun but there are also man-made sources of UV light, such as tanning beds and sun lamps.  Early detection of skin cancer is key, as most forms of skin cancer are easily treatable if caught early.

Good news is you only need your eyes and a mirror to detect changes in your skin. Here is an easy way to remember what to look for by using the ABCDE’S of skin changes. 

A – Asymmetry – One half of the mole doesn’t look like the other half

B – Border – Irregular border

C – Color – Different color than normal

D – Diameter – An increase in Size of mole or mark 

E – Evolving – If a mole becomes elevated, increase in size or color change

S – Symmetry  – If one side of the mole looks different than the other side

You don’t have to wait to see your dermatologist to have your skin checked out, being proactive and constantly monitoring your skin can be very important to your health. If you notice any changes in your skin or moles immediately get in to see your dermatologist. We hope you had a safe and healthy summer, always wear sunblock and protective clothing when outdoors!!!