Corrective Exercise Fitness with Rachel Owen @ IPT

Who is it for?


Corrective exercise is designed to accommodate individuals with specific muscle imbalances and previous injuries. This one on one training will help to ensure proper form and technique are being followed throughout your program.  Your personalized program would include self-myofascial release such as foam rolling and static stretching. The sessions will also focus on activating under-active muscles with isolated strengthening before integrating dynamic movements into your routine.

Together your CES and your physical therapist will collaborate to develop a training program designed to consider your individual prior injuries and weaknesses as well as what can be addressed to help prevent future injuries in your daily environment.  

Why is this important to me?


Research articles released by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) stress that Americans of all ages are encouraged to participate in physical activity daily. Evidence recommends for adults to participate in at least two days a week of a muscle-strengthening activity (1). More research according to the CDC shows that adults are becoming less physically active in their daily lives (2). With the development of technology, gardeners, housekeepers, etc. people are required to complete less physical activity in their daily lives. These are great conveniences to make our lives easier but also rob us of the daily physical activity our bodies need.

According to a study released by the UNC School of Medicine more than 80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their lives (3). This shows that it is becoming more prevalent to experience musculoskeletal pain. Although there are numerous possible causes to create low back pain, this prevalence supports the concept that decreased physical activity may lead to muscular dysfunction and injury.

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2.) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prevalence of physical activity, including lifestyle activities among adults – United States, 2000-2001, Morbid Mortal Wkly Rep. 2003;764-769.