Innovative Physical Therapy Fitness Class Schedule

Fitness Classes being offered:

Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga and will be practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support. Our chair yoga classes adapt the traditional branches of yoga – poses, meditation and breath – while using the aid of a chair for support making it safe, easy and enjoyable for people who may face physical limitations.  

Pilates/Barre Fusion

By combining the techniques of contemporary Mat Pilates with a Barre class, you’ll find an addictively graceful way to tighten and tone and create long, lean, powerful muscles.  Learn the fundamentals of Pilates that will support you as we flow to incorporate choreography and standing work at the Barre. We will begin by focusing on the deepest, intrinsic, postural muscles, and work outwards for a total body workout.


Our society today has us living life hunching over our phones, our computers, even over our food! Take this time for yourself during your day to reverse those effects, stretch and open those areas that may be tight or blocked in our Unwind class.  We will add in props such as balls and rollers to provide a fascial release, going deep into the muscles. In this class we will also add in a time for meditation, which studies have shown have had numerous positive effects such as lowering stress levels and improved brain function.  Unwind will provide you with tools that you can take with you to mentally and physically implement wherever needed in your own life.


Drop into our circuit training class for an efficient full body workout that not only builds strength, but also keeps your heart rate pumping. In this multi station circuit class you will alternate between which body part you are working to rest less and save time while also preventing injury.

Center Circle

In this class we will bond with friends but also burn calories from the core. We will focus on abdominal and gluteus strength with balance training to keep our own center circle in shape. This class is great for people who are looking for those six pack abs but also those recovering from low back pain or injuries.

Please call our office at 619-260-0750 to inquire about class schedule and pricing next time you are at the clinic.  We also have two massage therapists on site with a whole new waiting room and quiet space.

Stay tuned for our video newsletter which will give a tour of the new clinic, new gym space, and massage area!