Video: Exercises to Strengthen and Stretches to Relieve IT Band Pain

Dr. Brandon Brym, PT, DPT takes us through some exercise techniques and important stretches that help alleviate pain in the IT Band area and help build the muscles surrounding it.

Your IT Band is connective a band of tissue that runs from the top of the hip to past your knee, the muscles connected to this are the TFL ( Tensor Fasciae Latae) and the Gluteus Maximus.

Pain attributed to this area from tightness or weakness in your hips or alterations in your foot mechanics.

Stretching and strengthening your TFL muscle and Gluteus Maximus will reduce pain as these muscles connect the IT Band to the hip joint.

Exercise #1 for TFL -Half kneeling position, lung forward till you feel a nice stretch down your leg. For more of an intense stretch raise your opposite arm up and bend slight over to one side. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3x daily to help loosen up.

Exercise #2 for both TFL and Gluteus Max – Use foam roller to roll out the TFL and Gluteus Max. Roll out each for a few minutes, putting a little pressure to loosen the muscles up. 

Great to do pre-workout and post workout!

Exercise #3 – Single Leg Stance – a version of the Romanian deadlift. Doing one leg at a time, standing upright with knees slightly bent, slowly lift one leg back, hold for the stretch, then release and switch to the other side. This is not only a great stretch but can be used as an exercise with weights to strengthen your muscles around the IT band as well!