The Importance of Balance as You Age

The Importance of Balance as You Age

Did you know that physical balance is an essential component of a healthy life? This is especially true for seniors. Having strong balance impacts many aspects of life, including fall prevention, brain health, mobility, and muscle strength.

Balance is like a muscle, if you don’t strengthen it, you can lose it.

What Can You Do to Fix It? Join Our Balance Class

Balance training is the key to all functional movement and a part of everything we do. The Equilibrium class features dynamic balance and coordination exercises to heighten your strength and stability. With training to develop better body balance you can improve postural alignment and control to help prevent injury. This class is incredible and accessible for all ages.

IPT Balance Class every Monday at 10 A.M. with Dr. Lindy First, DPT, CPI via Zoom.

  • $18 per class – your first is free!
  • Call 619-260-0750 to scheduleWatch a clip of our latest Balance class below ⬇️