Learn a Proper TRX Row in 17 Seconds

Did you know that swimming is a low-impact exercise that manages to work every muscle in the body?! That’s part of why we love it so much, but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe.

Strength training to the rotator cuff, scapular stabilizers, and core muscles will enable a more powerful and safe stroke, and TRX rows are a great way to do that!

Watch this video from Dr. Maya Bizik where she shows how to strengthen these muscles with TRX rows.
  • TRX Bent Knee Row
    • Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions
    • Starting position: hang shoulder under handles with arms straight, back and hips straight with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
    • Movement: Pull body up so sides of chest make contact with handles while keeping the body straight. Return until arms are extended straight and shoulders are stretched forward. Repeat as directed.


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