Why Therapeutic Yoga Is for You

Yoga means “union”. It is meant to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has been shown in many research studies to relieve stress, improve mental and emotional health, promote better sleep, and relieve low back and neck pain. Yoga has also been proven to help individuals improve their mobility and function, experience less pain, and manage anxiety/depressive symptoms. Yoga is for everybody and everybody!


In our Therapeutic Yoga class, we tailor the instruction and practice of yoga to individual needs in a safe, comfortable manner. Firstly, by encouraging the utilization of props, i.e., chair, blanket, etc. Secondly, by a selection of poses and pose modification. Yoga asks you to start where you are and that is different for everyone. The goal is not to assume the perfect pose, it is to do what you can and what feels right at the moment. Anyone can benefit from exercise, regardless of their functionality. The facilitation of exercises is to optimally increase strength, flexibility, and endurance ultimately improving function and quality of life.


Your first class is FREE, so come join us on Tuesdays @ 9:30 am PST on this journey to become better versions of ourselves!!


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